My Services

Design house

I can design the style, size and its floor plan to suit to your needs. ..

Visualization 3D

Thanks to more than twenty years of experience, I can render photorealistically, by your idea, sketch or handy draft ..

More view or animation

3D models of houses, interiors and products of jewellery, have the possibility to be shown from any view and angle ..

Easy to edit

You don't like the material, surface, lightning, shadows, etc.? This all is possible to change and find the best ..

I will make a photo out of your idea

It is important mainly for people without the best imagination, to render 3D photorealistic visualizations of your idea

- keep in mind -

About Me

After many years of experience with co-workers and employees, I came to the fact that what I don't do alone I can't guarantee, and the carousel begins, so whose fault is it...

Martina (Architecture)

Because I am primarily an architect, I have been always interested in the inner effective utilization of the space (groundplan), as well as assumes the house or an extension. I will design you an effective groundplan exactly for your imaginations, just as the shape of the house, roof, so then will be obvious its individuality and at the same time it would fit into the other environment.

Martine (CAD / CAM)

Your idea, handcrafted sketch, I will morph into CAD system, already as a preparation for visualization in 3D ... complex model of which is also possible to generate a mechanical drawing like an architectonic study for yourself or offices.

Martína (3D modeling / light / scene)

Modeling of the house, product, jewel, or transmission of another 3D system or CAD ... creating of a complete scene, its lighting, creating of materials, surfaces and its features.

Martinka (Render / postproduction)

Setting of the most quality and the most true render's core V-Ray, setting of the cameras and its optics, lighting options etc, so the final render would be as true as possible. In the photoshop within the framework of the postproduction, I can make retouches, create a concrete atmosphere, integrate the object into actual environment etc.

We Want to hear from you

In order to provide you the best possible service and result of my work, you need to think carefully about what you want and define it exactly. Ideal is the layout of the house from different views, drawn by hand, not in any freely available program. If you cling to a certain combination of materials and you have a clear idea, I recommend to look on the net for a piece of material or another piece of furniture with your material .. just as it is with an exterior.

Or there is an inverted version, thanks to many years of experience as a graphic and visualizer, but also an architect, with vast projects or nowadays rather architectural studies, you can only describe your redevelopment, style, placement (I would like to point out that this option assumes maximum confidence in me - The creator), otherwise it takes a long time.

There is a chat, but we can talk about the rest by mail.

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